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  Welcome to R and C Products & Services LLC. We have been providing Products/Services to individuals,  organizations and corporations around the country for 15 years. Count on R and C when quality really counts. We also provide free shipping or free dropshipping of licensed products to our customers on certain items. Remember, exceptional service is our standard. We also are Government Prime Contractors that sort out Sub-Contractors. We do  Government Bids, Wholesale Trade which is a  sector that comprises establishments engaged in wholesaling merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. The merchandise described in this sector includes the outputs of sublimations, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Sports Memorabilia and Embroidery manufacturing,  Office Equipment, Apparel, Medical Services/Equipment, Agriculture and certain information industries, such as publishing. In some areas, we have our own equipment to produce items too. We can also provide various services to local and federal govenment agencies My background falls in the 20 year career IT, Program Manager, Medical Blling, Secretary,  Retail, Reseller, USDA Admin.

The wholesaling process is an intermediate step in the distribution of merchandise. Wholesalers on a whole are organized to sell or arrange the purchase or sale of (a) goods for resale (i.e., goods sold to other wholesalers or retailers), (b) capital or durable nonconsumer goods, and (c) raw and intermediate materials and supplies used in production.

Wholesalers sell merchandise to other businesses and normally operate from a warehouse or office. These warehouses and offices are characterized by having little or no display of merchandise. In addition, neither the design nor the location of the premises is intended to solicit walk-in traffic. Wholesalers do not normally use advertising directed to the general public. Customers are generally reached initially via telephone, in-person marketing, or by specialized advertising that may include Internet and other electronic means. Follow-up orders are either vendor-initiated or client-initiated, generally based on previous sales, and typically exhibit strong ties between sellers and buyers. In fact, transactions are often conducted between our company  and clients that have long-standing business relationships.

R and C Products and Services LLC is a  Service-Disabled Veteran Owned, Minorty Owned Business that  provides comprehensive solutions and support services to federal government agencies, Prime Contractors, State governments and local mnicipalities. We're  a self-oriented business built on great client relationships, that tailors services to meet  its customers specific needs.  Goods are all made in the USA and are generally sold without transformation, but may include integral functions, such as sorting, packaging, labeling, and other marketing services.

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